New Moon

It is 1:29

The moon is ne

But on my mind is only you

The limbs are heavy

The head is ready / steady

The body wants sleep

The brain ain’t ready

I’m twisting and turning

Seconds keep ticking


Kygo’s Manchester Debut

Five months. FIVE months in advance did I purchase the ticket to see Kygo at the Manchester Academy. Back then the Norwegian was mostly known for his “Firestone” and “Stole the Show” hits and the Cloud Nine album was still in the works.

P_20160421_223229 Continue reading Kygo’s Manchester Debut

Zedd and Magnetic

The blog has gone silent for quite some time however my life was far from that. I just opted to keep all the thoughts in my head or filter them out loud to my friends and family.

Since November I opened and closed an empty Word document countless times and I have deleted about five versions of my “Zedd” write up as well as the “Magnetic” write up. Continue reading Zedd and Magnetic