To the POINT – GYM Life

The POINT, that is what the local gym is called. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been spending a lot of time there over the last months. Yep, that is a fact.

The girl who was scared to go to the gym a few years ago is now going four to six times per week. Don’t worry, she didn’t turn into a fitness freak. She still knows very little about what should be done and there is no proper training schedule or plan, but that doesn’t matter. The ‘simple’ act of going, enjoying it and testing what the body can do is more than enough.

Besides, the list of ‘to do’ things is slightly limited here, so one and one came together I guess.   Continue reading To the POINT – GYM Life


LONDON Baby! With a Drop of CHICAGO

It has been way too long since I’ve last set foot in the British capital. And this time I needed it more than ever before.
I touched down at Gattwick, found the Thames Line to take me to the Underground and made my way to my friend’s apartment in Leyton. It’s a pretty simple route. I was fighting tears at Innsbruck airport – hearing all the Englishman waiting for the flight. It was music to my ears. Then the train and Tube rides left me relaxed like I haven’t been in a long time. I suppose that’s what happens when you come back to a familiar environment. That’s exactly where I was. I was home.
My trip had three items on the checklist. One- catch up with B. Two- tale a deep breath in London and stock up on ‘vitamin L’ for the next few months and Third- Chicago, the musical.

The Direction of LOVE – Still an Issue, Now a Trend?

It is a gloomy day, the sky is grey and it is cold. After days of shorts and sunshine, the cold spell is back. At 7:30 I have my coffee in front of me as well as a bowl of corn flakes with soy milk and honey. I turn on the laptop and search for the film which I heard about yesterday. It was only a matter of time before I heard of it. I’ve been dipping more and more into the Ryan Murphy universe recently and after Netflix’s constant nagging that I should watch White Collar – I discovered more of Matt Bomer than just his guest appearance on Glee (and as I only just realized, the Magic Mike movies).

The gloomy setting is somewhat fitting for a screening of The Normal Heart. The rain isn’t here yet, but my eyes may have made up for that anyway. Continue reading The Direction of LOVE – Still an Issue, Now a Trend?

Happiness: What Is It Made Out Of?

Today I came across the topic of ‘habit’ and ‘lifestyle’ in a couple of different contexts and situations – and ended up thinking about the link of those two areas to happiness. All of that on my walk along the river, which is more of a diversion from the usual ‘rut’ –the warm sunrays are still not on the agenda every day, hence a very welcoming alternative to a stuffy or an over-air-con-ed-gym.

A happy worker, a happy life? With work and education towards happiness? There is no key.  Continue reading Happiness: What Is It Made Out Of?

“Well, no one told you to stop”

First of all, I must give credit where it is due. This line comes form a fabulous film called Imogene, or Girl Most Likely, depending on which region you belong to.

Imogene is struggling to pull her life back together after a breakup, she had to leave New York and head back, or rather – was taken back to New Jersey. Lee however is the one who speaks the line, when he encourages her to get back to her play-writing days, because she was good at it.

You’ll have to get the film and watch it, but for now bare with me as I want to talk about doing what you like, or sticking with it.

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Live the Positive Life, but also Keep it Real

There are days that are full of smiles and laughs, there are days when all you want is to not have to talk to anyone and there are days when the only thing you want is to talk.

I am all in for the keep smiling, keep going and see the bright side attitude, yet it is time to play the devil’s advocate for a second.

Have we created a trap for ourselves with this ‘ever so positive’ lifestyle?

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Queer Eye Stole My Heart

Do you know the Fab 5? Just to clarify, I do not mean The Beatles this time. The five guys in question are Bobby, Antoni, Karamo, Tan and Jonathan.

These lovable individuals have a quest in front of them and that is to help the heroes, as they call the people they help, to make those little steps towards leading a slightly better and happier life. All of that is achieved in such a sensitive, positive, and friendly, yet direct manner, and you’re left with tears of joy streaming down your face as well as uncontrollable fits of laughter, silently wishing you had those guys in your life as well.

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