An American in Paris – Screened in Austria

On May 16, 2018 I headed to Innsbruck for the evening, took a stroll along the river, picked up a Starbucks coffee in the foyer of the Metropol cinema, picked up the leaflet with the full cast and a little introduction to the musical that I was about to see (understood about a third of what was on that sheet as it was in German) and I found my seat, ready for the performance!

If An American in Paris isn’t considered to be a classic yet, I dare say it will be in a few years time. Inspired by the Academy Award winning film (1951) the story was adapted for the stage and opened in Paris in 2014, transferring to Broadway in 2015, and the West End in 2017.

The production ticks all the boxes, but not all viewers can appreciate the full extent as I saw. Continue reading An American in Paris – Screened in Austria


A Lot of Screen Time

The check list for the day is complete. Work, some movement, my ‘extracurriculars’, food. The eyes are too tired for further reading, so I settle down in my armchair, legs crossed, a cup of tea balanced on the armrest. I turn on the laptop and dive into my most recent TV-pleasure-obsession.

I hardly ever watch more than a max of 4 episodes in one sitting, I just get too bored and annoyed with myself that I should be doing something more productive. Nevertheless, I do like the escapism of it and over the past six months I’ve formed a nice little list of shows that I really enjoyed.

In no particular order, old and new, here we go: Continue reading A Lot of Screen Time

The Direction of LOVE – Still an Issue, Now a Trend?

It is a gloomy day, the sky is grey and it is cold. After days of shorts and sunshine, the cold spell is back. At 7:30 I have my coffee in front of me as well as a bowl of corn flakes with soy milk and honey. I turn on the laptop and search for the film which I heard about yesterday. It was only a matter of time before I heard of it. I’ve been dipping more and more into the Ryan Murphy universe recently and after Netflix’s constant nagging that I should watch White Collar – I discovered more of Matt Bomer than just his guest appearance on Glee (and as I only just realized, the Magic Mike movies).

The gloomy setting is somewhat fitting for a screening of The Normal Heart. The rain isn’t here yet, but my eyes may have made up for that anyway. Continue reading The Direction of LOVE – Still an Issue, Now a Trend?

‘Old Music’ aka. Classical Music the Austrian Way

Old Music? That is how classical music is called here in Austria if you make a direct translation of ‘Alte Musik’. My love for classical music will not be left short here, with Austria’s rich heritage in this department and Innsbruck having it’s own philharmonic orchestra, there are events to attend and concerts for me to enjoy.

So far, I’ve made it to three events in two different locations, all of them were pleasant and along with enjoying the concerts I came up with three major observations. Once is about chairs, the other about the dress code and the third is about the people.  Continue reading ‘Old Music’ aka. Classical Music the Austrian Way

La La Land at the Phil

Did you know that the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall has the last big screen in the world that rises up from the stage floor prior to each screening? No? Well that is one of the reasons to go and check out the next screening. Another reason would be that although the film offer is limited, the Phil seems to get the selection right each time.

Sunny Los Angeles and a very bizarre musical number on the jammed highway followed by a rather annoying horn sound of Sebastian’s (Ryan Gosling) car as Mia (Emma Stone) holds up the traffic, learning lines for another audition. That is the start of what is overall a remarkable film. Continue reading La La Land at the Phil

Betty at ADE: Music, Photos and Jimmy Woo- Saturday & Sunday – Days 4 & 5

We found ourselves at the lovely Felix Meritis on day 4. The place outside of clubs, where you are most likely to bump into all the producers and DJs as this is where they give the production classes and provide career tips of all sorts and Saturday was all about music labels, demos, career paths and music in general.

And we saw the likes of Moksi, Armin van Buuren, Oliver Heldens, Throttle, Julian Jordan, Chocolate Puma, Louis van Baar and A&Rs and label managers take the stage. Continue reading Betty at ADE: Music, Photos and Jimmy Woo- Saturday & Sunday – Days 4 & 5

Betty at ADE: Martin Garrix & co. at the RAI – Friday – Day 3

RAI – when pronounced it sounds like -ráj- the Czech word for paradise… and the show was pretty close to that! From start to finish I’ve had a great time and a -WOW- reaction was all I was capable of for a few minutes after Martijn’s set. Continue reading Betty at ADE: Martin Garrix & co. at the RAI – Friday – Day 3