My June Booklist

End of May or Early June has turned to end of June and early July, but that doesn’t have such a good ring to it. That isn’t a lyric. Nevertheless, it is the end of the month and that means looking back at the books I’ve read. And this month the book pile is truly wonderful. I like most of the books I pick up, but this time I truly loved all of them.

No more rambling. Let’s see what Aciman, Kramer, Albee, Colfer, Moriarty and a few more have to offer.

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My May Booklist

Hey! How are you? It’s the end of May and early June!

Yep, the lyrics from Dear Evan Hansen apply perfectly right now, and you might as well be reading this on a picture perfect afternoon (that’s the phrase that follows). As much as I love the musical and the book it is  time to talk about what I’ve been reading this month. And it’s a short list this time as TV shows and films dominated in May for me.

Nevertheless, I wrapped up two Fitzgerald novels, finally nearly finished Goleman’s book on Destructive emotions and added one more VOGUE on… book to the list.

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My April Booklist

As April comes to an and we meet again. The sun has been popping up more and more and so far I’ve managed to not get a sunburn from the few outdoor-reading-sessions I got in. Yeeey!

This month the list is rather short, there are three plays, one children’s book and one novel whilst two other books that I’m reading make it to the next month, perhaps I’ll reach the end of the art history textbook and Goleman’s Destructive emotions by then. However for now let’s look at the books where I did reach the back cover.  Continue reading My April Booklist

My March Booklist

Is it just me or is 2018 flying by at super-speed? Reading wasn’t at the top of my priorities list this past month, nevertheless there’s still a few books that I made it though and I’d like to share with you.

Speaking of ‘super’ the list includes Superman, more super-b books by André Aciman, Mitch Albom and a Tony Award winner.

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My February Booklist

As another month passes I take a look back at the books that I’ve picked up and finished. With a lighter workload this month, the list became longer than usual. Once again we move from one genre to the next and from one world to another. Mrs. Glass says to Zooey in one of the books: ‘You can’t live in the world with such strong likes and dislikes.’ I think that is beautiful and rather fitting for our time.

Which of the books would you like to read? And which books have you read? Let me know!

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My January Booklist

How do you pick the books you read? For me it is really random to be honest. Sometimes a memory of a book we covered at school pops up and I am like – I really need to read that! Sometimes it’s down to a scroll on Instagram, searching for a specific author based on my previous reading, and quite often it is me just scrolling through The BookDepository and then being like – oh, that looks cool!

What have I read in January? The spectrum spans from VOGUE’s editions on fashion designers, a children’s book, to a a book on social intelligence and a few musical-books. Here we go: Continue reading My January Booklist