My June Booklist

End of May or Early June has turned to end of June and early July, but that doesn’t have such a good ring to it. That isn’t a lyric. Nevertheless, it is the end of the month and that means looking back at the books I’ve read. And this month the book pile is truly wonderful. I like most of the books I pick up, but this time I truly loved all of them.

No more rambling. Let’s see what Aciman, Kramer, Albee, Colfer, Moriarty and a few more have to offer.

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To the POINT – GYM Life

The POINT, that is what the local gym is called. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been spending a lot of time there over the last months. Yep, that is a fact.

The girl who was scared to go to the gym a few years ago is now going four to six times per week. Don’t worry, she didn’t turn into a fitness freak. She still knows very little about what should be done and there is no proper training schedule or plan, but that doesn’t matter. The ‘simple’ act of going, enjoying it and testing what the body can do is more than enough.

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An American in Paris – Screened in Austria

On May 16, 2018 I headed to Innsbruck for the evening, took a stroll along the river, picked up a Starbucks coffee in the foyer of the Metropol cinema, picked up the leaflet with the full cast and a little introduction to the musical that I was about to see (understood about a third of what was on that sheet as it was in German) and I found my seat, ready for the performance!

If An American in Paris isn’t considered to be a classic yet, I dare say it will be in a few years time. Inspired by the Academy Award winning film (1951) the story was adapted for the stage and opened in Paris in 2014, transferring to Broadway in 2015, and the West End in 2017.

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My May Booklist

Hey! How are you? It’s the end of May and early June!

Yep, the lyrics from Dear Evan Hansen apply perfectly right now, and you might as well be reading this on a picture perfect afternoon (that’s the phrase that follows). As much as I love the musical and the book it is  time to talk about what I’ve been reading this month. And it’s a short list this time as TV shows and films dominated in May for me.

Nevertheless, I wrapped up two Fitzgerald novels, finally nearly finished Goleman’s book on Destructive emotions and added one more VOGUE on… book to the list.

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LONDON Baby! With a Drop of CHICAGO

It has been way too long since I’ve last set foot in the British capital. And this time I needed it more than ever before.
I touched down at Gattwick, found the Thames Line to take me to the Underground and made my way to my friend’s apartment in Leyton. It’s a pretty simple route. I was fighting tears at Innsbruck airport – hearing all the Englishman waiting for the flight. It was music to my ears. Then the train and Tube rides left me relaxed like I haven’t been in a long time. I suppose that’s what happens when you come back to a familiar environment. That’s exactly where I was. I was home.
My trip had three items on the checklist. One- catch up with B. Two- tale a deep breath in London and stock up on ‘vitamin L’ for the next few months and Third- Chicago, the musical.

My April Booklist

As April comes to an and we meet again. The sun has been popping up more and more and so far I’ve managed to not get a sunburn from the few outdoor-reading-sessions I got in. Yeeey!

This month the list is rather short, there are three plays, one children’s book and one novel whilst two other books that I’m reading make it to the next month, perhaps I’ll reach the end of the art history textbook and Goleman’s Destructive emotions by then. However for now let’s look at the books where I did reach the back cover.  Continue reading My April Booklist

A Lot of Screen Time

The check list for the day is complete. Work, some movement, my ‘extracurriculars’, food. The eyes are too tired for further reading, so I settle down in my armchair, legs crossed, a cup of tea balanced on the armrest. I turn on the laptop and dive into my most recent TV-pleasure-obsession.

I hardly ever watch more than a max of 4 episodes in one sitting, I just get too bored and annoyed with myself that I should be doing something more productive. Nevertheless, I do like the escapism of it and over the past six months I’ve formed a nice little list of shows that I really enjoyed.

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