A Very Short Introduction to Breda Dance Music

As Twitter shot up the popularity ranks blogs went through a deep low. That isn’t a great surprise as everyone was able to follow the action “live” as it unfolded on Social Media. Yet now the trend seems to be going in reverse. Are the likes of BREDA DANCE MUSIC the future?

Artists are slowly stepping away from a 24/7 live Twitter coverage of their whereabouts and activities which leaves the fans with less information, tens of releases to keep up with and not-so-great interviews from festivals which are mostly limited to “do you have some new music coming out” and “who would you like to collaborate with?”. Therefore will this lead to a new rise of the (quality) blogging world?

Now we are not talking about the big players (Billboard for e.g.). Nor are we talking about platforms which offer to write about a release for a hefty payment. I’m thinking more independent platforms, and I think that I have found one!

It is called Breda Dance Music (BDM).

BDM is an initiative founded and administrated by a group of volunteers. BDM is taking a new approach to reporting on everything related to Dance Music. I believe that there is so much potential in this therefore I cannot wait to see it grow and evolve!

BDM currently supports and writes only about artists from the North Brabant Region, as the name suggests. And although there is no shortage of “big” names to write about (Breda IS the unofficial DJ capital of the World after all), the platform aims to support local upcoming artists as well!

Not only does BDM provide the youngsters with a platform to show who they are, but enables a direct contact with a great number of interested followers, who gain easy access to new music like this, without having to roam SoundCloud for hours and hours. Moreover a BDM Weekend Mix is published regularly on the “Play 076” Mixcloud and offers a good selection of guest mixes by local (North Brabant’s) artists.

As the number of renowned DJs grows it is becoming a full time job to keep track of whereabouts, production tips, tour schedules, and releases. For a fan BDM is a great opportunity to save time and not lose out on anything. Now in the form of RTs and Re-posts from the artists’ official accounts all of the important information is available in one place. Yet I expect the website, is scheduled to launch in the week prior to ADE, will offer an even user-friendlier version of this.

As BDM’s network and fanbase grows I can see this becoming a respected place-to-go for interesting and exclusive interviews, a full artist directory and original photos, footage and write-ups of events where “their” DJs performed.

What I probably like the most is that as the support comes from a volunteer initiative and great passion everyone is equal, everyone gets the same attention and the information is true and the reader gets facts.

Do go and follow BDM on all the platforms and keep an eye out, because big things are coming up!







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